Yes – I love making arrangements!


It all started with easy piano parts. I wanted my students to have the opportunity to play with piano early and often – but I hadn't taken a piano lesson since I was 10. So I began creating simplified reductions, easy enough for me to play at lessons... and then, other teachers started asking me if they could buy them!


These arrangements are admittedly utilitarian; the goal is to get the music to come across as fully as possible with as few notes as possible. However, I do work from scratch off of the full orchestral parts when making reductions, and I think that all of these arrangements are suitable for performance.

The violin parts are beautiful and minimally marked. I’ve found that providing uncluttered sheet music facilitates smoother learning – in addition to a sense of pride. No music makes it here without rigorous testing by me and my students!

© 2020 Rebecca Wishnia